embroidery designs

Since the beginning of time, people have adorned their clothes with elegant needlework and hand embroidery. Be it by sewing shells on the clothes, embroidered motifs with threads, cutting out patterns in leather skirts, sewing gold, and pearls, precious stones onto a dress or adding a needle-woven border to simple linen shifts, early civilizations found many ways to embellish their clothing.

When we look back at the glorious periods of kings and queens, beautiful palaces and forts, fine arts and music, sumptuous meals and of course fancy royal clothing and fashion. India has seen many kingdoms and emperors and every dynasty, be it Marathas, Scindia royal family or Rajputana kings, Mughal badhshas, brought various quality and influence to millenary old Indian fashion. Till date, many royal families have kept their royal heritage safe with their traditions dressing style. With the finest hand-embroidery on clothing is done with the precious stones, gold, silver, pearls and ultimate finesse in textiles, they are the reason the history of fashion in India is so luxurious and memorable.
Indian embroidery includes the number of embroidery designs styles that vary by region and clothing styles .on the basis of the texture of cloth the Indian embroidery is formed. Motifs of animals and flowers are the mixtures of these constitute the design.

JATTI COUTURE often influenced by the royal art and craftwork of the Rajputana Empire. JATTI COUTURE takes the inspiration from the handcrafted artwork in the AMER ROYAL FORT. These colorful paintings are a mixture of Hindu-Mughal culture. jatti couture done the motifs on the clothes with the finest quality of embroidery by using several types of materials like dabka, Salma, zari, pearls, beads. Different types of colorful seeds, Gotta-Patti, valuable stones, colorful silken threads, Kassab, and mirrors.  With the help of special techniques of embroidery designs such as Kantha, Phulkari, Zardozi,

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