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Punjabi Salwar Suits

What better way to flaunt your desi looks than by adorning a glamorous and vibrant Punjabi dress? The famous Punjabi Salwar suit is the traditional attire worn by women in the Punjab region.

Punjabi suit falls into the salwar kameez category. They are outfits that are quite versatile, in that they can be worn by women of all ages as well as for all occasions.

Online Punjabi salwar suits frequently feature beautiful hand embroidered designs such as Phulkari and Resha, with motifs typically based around paisley, floral, fruit, animal, and foliage patterns. Punjabi suit differs from most other salwar types in that they feature rich embellishments and elegant cuts that make them top choices for brides around the country.


Patiala Salwar Kameez for Every Occasion

Patiala suits have been at the heart of ethnic fashion and continue to be the preferred choice of women for special occasions and festivals. The loose fitting yet fashionable silhouette is eye-catching when worn with a fitted short kurti. Patiala suit traces its origins to the Indian state of Punjab, but with passing time, it has made an impact not only in every part of India but all over the world as well. The outfit has brought back the fashion of pastel color salwar kameez and multicolor salwar kameez in a unique way. This represented ethnicity, Punjabi culture, and regal comfort.

Buy Punjabi Salwar Suits in Canada & USA

Punjabi suits and Punjabi salwar are traditional wear for all age group feminine beauty and now the craze for this attire is spreading Canada and USA. Punjabi salwar and suits are made up of fabric like georgette, crepe, Silk cotton and many other fabric options are available exclusively on Patiala Salwar and suit looks more stylish after hand embroidery work and various designs animaare done in it, the printed dupatta to is gaining a heart throbbing attention in recent times. Punjabi suits clothing is loved by all women and is very much comfortable. Punjabi suits in Canada & USA during wedding season girls always prefer to wear salwar kameez because of its diverse advantage of giving perfect style, sheer luxury and great comfort fit.

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